A pic from our first live date, July 2002

Giornata dell'arte, May 2003

ExTempore @ NoBrain Studios, July 2003

Emergenza Festival '04 @ New Age (TV)

A pic from the "A Quest For..." Photosession, 2005
Extempore is from the Latin phrase ex tempore, "out of the time," therefore immediately, at the very time the occasion arises. An action without premeditation or preparation, on the spur of the moment. Our name represents our attitude. We try to "catch" and put together our ideas in a spontaneous and open-minded way, following our instinct and not worrying about prejudices, because we think this is the only way to express ourselves and say something with Music, instead of just making "songs".

The band formed in 2002 when DAVIDE (guitar) had that insane idea of playing some metal with a bunch of friends... The first formation of the band saw the light on the 27th of april 2002 and was made by DAVIDE, ALESSANDRO (guitar), STEFANO B.(vox & keys), STEFANO M. (bass) and NICOLA (drums).
Ok, the band was ready to go... but we had no idea about what to play! After some practice with covers and two or three original songs (at the current time, lost into the depths of oblivion) we suddenly realised we liked power metal a lot and so we began to write a fantasy saga with swords, warriors, dragons and so on... Within some months we had enough material to put together a decent tracklist without playng covers and, as you can imagine, we didn't waste a single second to try it on stage!
In spring-summer 2003 we participated to some musical events, among them the "MC^2" in Martellago and the contest "GIORNATA DELL'ARTE" of Venice, where we gained the 3rd prize! That was enough to pay the recordings of our first demo "Drops From The Abyss" @ NoBrain Studios, out in July 2003.
All seemed to go the right way but, in September, Stefano M. leaves the band... just ten days before a confirmed concert! That evening Lord Ahura the Boss III (BLACK HARLEQUIN) came to help us and save the gig. Thanx a lot man! His place will be taken by GIORGIO, which became our new "fifth brother" and completed again the lineup of the band.
New events, different people, various influences... We continued to write songs but our music evolved in a way we didn't expect, with more contaminations, sometimes escaping a clear definition. The band became more and more a "team" and not a mere union of 5 individuals.
2004 was a year full of concerts, contests and events, even outside the small hinterland of Venice. We had the chance and the pleasure to divide the stage with some quite experienced bands of the underground... they gave us the will to continue and always get better!
So, again, everything seemed to be alright but in September of that year (shitty month for our band, isn't it?) NICOLA decides to leave. That was a friendly separation but in the following months we didn't get to find another drummer... It has been a quite bad period, with an extremely reduced activity and many discussions. The new year came and we still hadn't found someone that could substitute our old drummer and satisfy our expectations...
Then, a telephone rang, a message arrived... Santa Claus arrived late but didn't forget EXTEMPORE! And our gift was the return of NICOLA! The concerts were not as many as in the previous year but the band continued its songwriting to produce a second demo. In that summer we met Ukka (BLEEDINVAIN) who was recording a demo for his band at home. We listened to their songs and the sound was really good! So good that we decided to put the fate of our new CD in his hands... Our second demo "A Quest For..." saw the light @ BIV Studio in December 2005 and convinced us we made the best decision possible.

We still don't know what kind of things will expect us in 2006 but one thing is for sure... It's just the beginning!